Resolving “Failed to load SQL Modules into database Cluster” issue when installing POSTGRESQL

PostgreSQL (Demo)
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I had also this problem but the solution was not so easy as described above – always got the error.

Solution required for my machine the following steps:

1.)Uninstall PostgreSQL

2.)Delete the postgres user if it still exists :

net user postgres /delete

3.) Create the postgres user with a password you can remember:

net user /add postgres <password>

4.) Add the postgres user to the Administrators group:

net localgroup administrators postgres /add

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5.) Add the postgres user to the Power Users group

net localgroup "power users" postgres /add

6.) Run a command window as the postgres user:

runas /user:postgres cmd.exe

7.) Run the install file from within the command window.


->his should run the installation successfully.

8.)Remove the postgres user from the Administrators group.

net localgroup administrators postgres /delete

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