How To Get Google To Award You Featured Snippets

How to get Google to Award you Snippets_Page_1 (Demo)
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Featured snippets are when Google shows part of your content at the very top of the search results page. This content usually includes some text and maybe an image, a list or a poll pulled by Google from the actual post.

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Getting a featured snippet is a great achievement and while its quite tough to do so, it’s not impossible.
Here are some very practical steps you can take to achieve this:
● First target a keyword or keyphrase that answers a very specific question
● You could also try targeting keywords that already have a featured snippet but whose content isn’t comprehensive enough
● Determine the best way to present the answer – could be text, a poll or maybe even a table
● Add facts and quality references in your content
● Make sure your article gets on the first page of Google
● Ultimately it’s Google that will determine whether or not to award your article with the featured snippets.

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