How to Deploy an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) on ESXi

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In this article we’ll teach you how to Deploy an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) on ESXi.

Before starting, ensure the following are provisioned and configured:

  • Configure nodes to allow traffic between peers in the same security group.
  • Download the OVA image for your product from Exabeam Community and place it in a directory reachable from your vSphere Web Access client.

Instantiate Your Virtual Machine

1. Log into your vSphere Administration console.

2. Select Virtual Machines and right-click for the submenu and select Create/Register VM.

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Select Deploy a virtual machine from OVF or OVA file.OVA-install2.jpg

Select the name and guest OS

Select Next in Select Storage menu to accept the default configuration move to the next UI.

Now select the right amount of resources for your machine and click next.

Click Finish to build the host.

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