How to delete an outlook profile in windows?

outlook profile
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Let’s say you have created several Outlook profiles for different users, situations or others else. However, you may need to delete one of them, how could you solve it? This article will introduce the way to delete an Outlook profile easily.

Please follow below steps to delete an Outlook profile in the Control Panel. If you want to learn how to delete an outlook profile from windows registry read this article: How to delete an outlook profile from windows registry?

1. Press Win + R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. And then in the dialog box type Control Panel into the Open box, and click the OK button. See screenshot:

2. Now the All Control Panel Items dialog box is opening, please choose Large icons from the View by drop down list, and then click the Mail button. See screenshot:

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3. In the coming Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box, please click the Show Profiles button. See screenshot:

4. Now in the Mail dialog box, please click to select the profile you need to delete, and then click the Remove button. See screenshot:

5. A warning Microsoft Outlook dialog box will pop out. Please click the Yes button to go ahead.

And now the selected profile has been removed already.

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