Hidden Registry Settings for the Send To Menu in Windows

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The Send To menu in Windows allows you to quickly send a file to different locations including a CD/DVD, USB drive or to a third-party application. We’ve covered a few articles on the “Send To” menu before, and here are the three new and undocumented registry edits that can be used in Windows 7 and higher.


By default when you right-click on a file or folder, items in your Send To folder is enumerated even before you actually click the Send To menu. By setting the DelaySendToMenuBuild DWORD value data to 1 you can change the default behavior, so that Send To menu entries are generated only when you click or hover over the Send To menu, rather than on every right-click.

After the registry edit, you’ll notice that the context menu pops up a little bit faster than before.

DelaySendToMenuBuild (REG_DWORD value) is implemented in the following registry location:



The NoSendTo value can be used to hide the “Send To” menu in the right-click menu for a file type. It’s implemented in the file type’s ProgID. For example, to hide the “Send To” menu for text files (.txt), create a NoSendTo (REG_SZ) value in this location:

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NoSendToMenu (REG_DWORD) registry value removes the Send To option for all files types. This value is implemented (set to 1) in one of the following keys:



The Send To menu displays removable drives by default, as shown below:

By enabling the NoDrivesInSendToMenu (DWORD) value, you can hide drive-letters from the Send To menu without actually hiding the drives in Windows Explorer environment. This edit works in Windows 7 and higher, and is explained in this article. It’s implemented in this registry location:


You need to restart the Explorer shell, or log off and login back for this registry edit to take effect.

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