ethical hacking SERVICES DESIGNED TO find vulnerabilities and prevent your business from being hacked!

WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL ethical hacking SERVICES which are> Intrusion detection & Prevention, log analytics, event management, network security analysis and vulnerability scanning.
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Cybersecurity attacks have become an increased concern over the years. Organizations are continually struggling to strengthen their network security to avoid any cyber attacks. Some companies are not able to regain or secure their position in the market after they get hit with a cyber attack. As cyber attacks become more frequent, businesses need to understand that completely restricting access to their IT system is not an option and impossible. Ethical hacking services can help point out the holes in your digital assets.
The goal of ethical hacking services is to find security vulnerabilities that can give access to a hacker and result in security breaches. At sistemitec, the role of our ethical hackers is to identify all sorts of potential cybersecurity threats in your network. Then, they will bypass your security system and look for any weak points in the security network that could be used by a malicious hacker. The information provided by our ethical hackers will only be used by our company to strengthen the security system and mitigate any possible cyber attacks.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Services:

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  • Minimizes cyber assaults, as well as, raise defense from data theft and also protects important information
  • Finds susceptibilities in the network system that cannot be revealed by automated tools
  • Protects your professional relationship with the clients, parties, and partners by enhancing trust and building a feeling of self-assurance.
  • Properly managed and a secured system which is less likely to be attacked by hackers
  • Gives a “battle-test” for your network systems, as well as, applications
  • Provides a much more reasonable test than a paper-based analysis
  • Offers a proactive technique to minimize the danger
  • Improves the quality control process
  • Shows the requirement for and efficiency of safety and security


The sistemITec Approach

Our objective is to keep your data and information protected. An expert team of ethical hackers handles our security network solutions. Our team will go above and beyond to provide your business with the highest quality of ethical hacking services. Our team of ethical hackers makes sure to identify the potential risks and vulnerabilities in the security network infrastructure to have a complete comprehension of your companies attack surface. Then our professionals will prepare you with a proper report that covers managerial summary and guidelines to identify and mitigate the possible security threats effectively.
At sistemitec, our ethical hackers enable our clients to identify, assess, and remedy your security holes quickly. Our ethical hacking is done by performing scheduled and selective probes of the network’s communication services, operating services, and critical applications. Our specialists analyze the vulnerability conditions and provide a detailed report, including corrective actions.
The Project team thanks to its skills is able to organize simulation activities of  cyber attacks aimed at taking possession of the target system by exploiting vulnerabilities, information and social, found so as to immediately understand what are the flaws in the corporate security system .


Executive summary:
  • Document for management that presents in an understandable way the risk assessment and the results of the activity carried out.
Technical summary:
  • Document for technical managers, which technically and in detail exposes the vulnerabilities found with any remediation to correct the vulnerability